Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Mini Post - M113 Armoured Personnel Carrier.

Normally I tend not to make anything after the Second World War, but the M113 series of vehicles have always been favourites of mine, particularly after having been thrown around in the back of one on a jolly at Robertson Barracks, Darwin.   I also had the privilege of going for a run in a Leopard, but that's another story!

I made the M113 to see if could make a decent wargames model and the model was constructed from 20, 30 and 40 thou plastic sheet.   The road wheels were cut from 16 mm aluminium tubing and detailed, the rear hatch opens as does the commander's hatch.   The .50 cal Browning was scratchbuilt.   I had intended to make the FSV, Command and Load Carrier versions.   One day!


  1. Another great finish Col

  2. Very nice looking vehicle!

  3. Wow, Col. More fantastic work. I wish there were 54mm Nam figures. If there were, I would want one of these.

  4. I missed that one Col! Great work! What did you use for the tracks?

    1. Thanks! The tracks were made up from 10 thou plastic sheet cut into strips and the individual treads were made up from two individual rectangles, one slightly larger than the other with the corners scalloped on the top one and attached to the 10 thou sheet.

  5. Terrific work, Col. You musty have some (micro) engineering set up to achieve these results - looks fantastic. Cheers Alan

  6. Thanks Mate. Mostly ordinary modelling tools, though I do have a Proxxon Hobbyist's Lathe and a Dremel Drill Press. Very handy pieces of kit.